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Passage of Time

Basically, the races on Kal'brath are generally long-lived, even for those races who aren't immortal. Since time means relatively little to them, they have a whole different view on how time passes and how they choose to show it. These are more like working notes than an official system, since time isn't really discussed at length in the series.

If I ever set a book on Morka, I will add in their time system. However, since I don't think that will happen, here you go! Earth vs. Adradis in the Passage of Time.

Here are the basics.

Earth Equivalent Adradis Equivalent
(Relative, they do not mark
the passing of time in short
moments, unless remarking
on an event.)
Short Moment
(Also Relative)
Long Moment
Hour Space
(364 days per year. Every
four years, there is a 5 day
respite for celebrations in the
summer called “Mother's Peace.”)
1. Day of Ambition
2. Day of Frugality
3. Day of Compassion
4. Day of Humility
5. Day of Kindness
6. Day of Tranquility
7. Day of Generosity
8. Day of Tolerance
9. Day of Acceptance
10. Day of Perseverance
11. Day of Courage
12. Day of Contentment
13. Day of Enlightenment
14. Day of Transcendence
(26 spans in a year, each
span consists of 14 days.)
New Year (Springs first
1. Spring (6.6 spans)
2. Summer (7 spans)
3. Autumn (6.4 spans)
4. Winter (6 spans)
(4 months per year. Every
year is named like Earth's
months are, and rotate every
1. Return of Passion
2. Return of Devotion
3. Return of Growth
4. Return of Vitality
5. Return of Laughter
6. Return of Beauty
7. Return of Brilliance
8. Return of Creation
9. Return of Joy
10. Return of Harmony
(10 years per decade.
Decades are not named.)
(10 decades. These are only
named when speaking of a
child's formative years.)
1. Time of Suckling
2. Time of Innocence
3. Time of Understanding
4. Time of Discovery
5. Time of Curiosity
6. Time of Scholarship
7. Time of Rebellion
8. Time of Desire
9. Time of Confirmation
10. Time of Independence
(10 centuries. Eras are
counted in number, much
like Earth's years.)
10 Millennia Aeon
10 Aeons
(1 million years)
[Elves' first recorded history
is about 3 decaeons old.]
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