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This wiki details information on the various worlds Jennifer Amriss has created for her books. Please feel free to browse at your heart's desire.



Kal'brath Books

The current list of books are as follows:

Kings of Kal’brath Series

  • Book 1: Race Against the Dark (Published)
  • Book 2: Healing Wounds: Mother book 1 (Published)
  • Book 3: Twilight's Children: Mother book 2 (Published)
  • Book 4: The Lost World
  • Book 5: Untitled sequel to Lost World
  • Book 6: Prophecy of Loyalty
  • Book 7: The Old Gods Return [Last book of the series]

Dragon Highlands Duology

(This series will be published apart from the Kings of Kal'brath series.)

  • Book 1: Mage of Legend (Finished)
  • SHORT: Lurir- Going Home (Dragon Highlands Short)
  • Book 2: Dragon Court

Kings of Kal'brath Singles

* Saving Sol [Happens in the middle of Race Against the Dark]

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