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Kal'brath Books

The current list of books are as follows:

Kings of Kal’brath Series

  • Book 1: Race Against the Dark (Published)
  • Book 2: Healing Wounds: Mother book 1 (Published)
  • Book 3: Twilight's Children: Mother book 2 (Published)
  • Book 4: The Lost World
  • Book 5: Untitled sequel to Lost World
  • Book 6: Prophecy of Loyalty
  • Book 7: The Old Gods Return [Last book of the series]

Dragon Highlands Duology

(This series will be published apart from the Kings of Kal'brath series.)

  • Book 1: Mage of Legend (Finished)
  • SHORT: Lurir- Going Home (Dragon Highlands Short)
  • Book 2: Dragon Court

Kings of Kal'brath Singles

* Saving Sol [Happens in the middle of Race Against the Dark]

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