Kings of Kal'brath Series

If you love elves, magic, strange creatures, and parallel universes, the Kings of Kal’brath series delivers all that and much more. Strong female characters, light romance, sexual diversity, and intense action are just a few things to look forward to. Each book stands alone as a complete story even if it has a sequel within the overarching series, so you're never left hanging.

Kings of Kal'brath is a series of stand alone novels and duologies set in the same universe, often featuring some of the same characters. The first book in this universe, Race Against the Dark, follows Ka'lei and her friends, and most of these friends feature in the following stories, sometimes as the main characters. If you aren't sure about the series, click on a book and read the excerpt! The first three chapters of each book is set as the excerpt in an easy to read format.