In the Works

This is a working list of titles that I have published or will publish soon. If you want to know when one of my stories will be available, this is the best place to find it! The titles to books may change at any time prior to publication.

One thing you may notice, is that I usually have two or three books going at one time. This is my way of maximizing my writing time. If I get stuck on one story, I work on the other and let the first simmer. Sometimes a change in headspace works wonders for unblocking a story.

Kings of Kal’brath Series <HET Fantasy>
Novels range in wordcount between 82,000-98,000 words each.
Book 1: Race Against the Dark [Het] Buy it now!
Book 2: Healing Wounds (Mother 1) [Het] Buy it now!
Book 3: Twilight’s Children (Mother 2) [Het] Buy it now!
Book 4: The Lost World [Het] (In Planning)
Book 5: Prophecy of Loyalty
Book 6: The Old Gods Return [Last book of the series]
Dragon Highlands Duology <M/M Fantasy> with Devon Vesper
Novels range in wordcount between 94,000-98,000 words each.
[Set in Kal’brath’s World between Twilight’s Children and Lost World in the timeline]
Book 1: Mage of Legend (Dragon Highlands 1) [M/M] Buy it now!
SHORT: Lurir- Going Home (Dragon Highlands Short) (Finished- FREE In the Newsletter!)
Book 2: Dragon Court (Dragon Highlands 2 [M/M] Buy it now!
Single Kings of Kal’brath Titles
Saving Sol (Novella) Buy it Now!
Tiny Gifts (Short Story) Buy it Now!