Author Services

Hate formatting?
Don’t know how?
Don’t have the time?

I’m your girl!

I offer professional quality Print, eBook, and Smashwords formatting for reasonable prices. I have the drive to make your books shine. A technophile, if I can’t find a way to make your vision a reality, I will often find the program that can, and teach myself how to use it at master level just to get your project done. And whether you need formatting for print, ebook or both, I will have your project completed beautifully, professionally, and fast.

This is something I love doing, and if I can give you more time to write and less tedium and headaches, I’ll be a happy camper. Here’s my rates:


I use Adobe InDesign for Print formatting, and Sigil to hand-code your ebook to give you maximum flexibility in how your books are formatted, and ensuring your book is gorgeous on any medium, physical or digital.

  • Paperback Interior– $300 deposit + $3.50 per 1000 words.
  • eBook– $250 deposit + $2.90 per 1000 words.
  • Boxed Set– $250 deposit + $2.90 per 1000 words.
  • Formatting Bundle* (Need all formats—print and ebook at the same time?)- $350 deposit + $8.00 per 1000 words.
  • Rush Delivery (If you need the final product in the specified time frame. Depending on how many revisions you need, and how long it takes you to get revision notes back to me, we generally can have your manuscript finished within in eight days. This fee is added to the above fees.):
    • $75 per day within 7 days of due date. If you need your book formatted in 7 days, add $75 to the above fee. If you need it formatted within 1 day, add $525 to your fee.
    • If you need it in 8 days or more, there is no rush delivery fee.

These prices include up to 2 revisions. Once I send you the proof, please comb through it and note every problem or issue you see, so it can be addressed in a single revision. You can do this up to 2 times. Anything after those two revisions is subject to an hourly rate of $25 per hour. My goal is to make sure you are in love with the finished product.


If you need your book reformatted due to formatting errors or the need to add new or change existing content. For these services, you must provide an Adobe InDesign source file for print books, or an epub for ebooks. Otherwise, we will charge the full formatting fees above.

  • Changing Formatting: See above prices for formatting
  • Adding New Content: $250 deposit + $2 per word of new content
  • Changing Existing Content: $250 deposit + $1 per word of changed content
  • Both Adding New Content AND Changing Existing Content: $300 deposit + $2.50 per word of new or changed content.


A quick note about Deadlines: Please ensure that your deadline leaves you time to proofread your physical and digital proofs before your publishing date to look over your proofs for formatting errors. Sometimes formatting errors can only be seen in the physical proofs. Thank you.

Please ensure you have the following for me when I begin your project:

  1. An idea of the fonts you want used, and if they are not free for commercial use, that you have purchased and can supply the fonts necessary. If you do not have the fonts you want used, we can discuss fonts when we discuss your project.
  2. If you have images you want used, make sure they are at least 2500px on the longest side, and 300DPI** (dots/pixels per inch) and in either .jpg, .png, or .psd format.
  3. Your manuscript in .doc or .docx format with all italics, bold, and other simple formatting as they should appear in your finished book, as well as ensuring all chapters are clearly defined with chapter headings and subheadings.
  4. A clear deadline for when you need your project finished by.

Because each job is different, I’ll have to know exactly what you need before I can give you a precise quote.

Do not send me a file that has not been completely edited and is not ready for publication.

If you edit your manuscript after you have already sent me the file and it’s anything bigger than “hey, there’s a typo on page 37,” you will incur additional charges, up to and including the necessity for an entirely new contract, depending on how far I’ve made it through the job.

Upon signing the contract, I will send you an invoice for the required amount. The deposit is to be paid immediately to hold your appointment slot. The balance is due at the start of the job and is non-refundable unless it is determined by the formatter (me) that your manuscript is outside the scope of my capabilities, in which case all monies paid will be refunded. If your format runs over the limits as described within the contract, a new invoice will be generated for the amount equal to the extra work involved. This final fee is likewise non-refundable.

I thoroughly test all files before delivery, but in the event you run into problems, I will tweak files, within reason. If you do something to try to edit the files that otherwise mucks up what I’ve done, you will incur additional charges for me to fix them.

*Does not count toward boxed sets
**Images less than 300DPI will appear fuzzy, blurry, or pixellated when rendered in either print or on some screens.