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Jennifer Amriss writes both heterosexual and M/M (gay) adult fantasy romance novels. Her debut series, Kings of Kal’brath, features the first three books, Race Against the Dark (Feb. 2016), Healing Wounds: Mother Book One (July 2016), and Twilight’s Children (Sept. 2017). This series was followed by the Dragon Highlands Duology with Mage of Legend (Jan. 2017) and Dragon Court (April 2017). Her next release is scheduled to come on August 8th with a new standalone paranormal romance novel, Climbing Shadetree, which is also in the Kal’brath Universe, and may in the future be turned into a two-book series.

In late 2017 or early 2018, she will start publishing a new series called “God Jars”, a medieval-esque M/M fantasy romance. The first four books are written and in the initial stages of editing.

Jennifer Amriss originally went to school for surgical technology, but when her mental health deteriorated to disabling levels, she turned to her first passion: writing. She uses her medical background to fuel bloody battles, horrific deaths, and to see her characters through to the other side of torture and mayhem.

In her spare time, Jennifer Amriss formats books for other authors with tight budgets, and has created a YouTube™ series to teach authors how to use Adobe InDesign™ to format their own books for print with minimum effort. When she isn’t formatting or writing, she is creating images for book covers, advertisements, and web design for herself and other authors, as well as teaching others how to create author websites via WordPress, or creates their sites for them.

Since her mental disabilities keeps her mostly homebound, Jennifer Amriss is always trying to find new and innovative ways to help other authors, as others have helped her time and again.

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