About the Author

author_imageA world traveler, Jennifer spent most of her childhood experiencing the Mediterranean, traveling Europe, and constantly on the move with her military parents. Now, she has settled down in the hilly region north of the Allegheny National Forest where she lives alone with her tortoise shell cat, Pumpkin Spice. With so much culture and scenery engrained in her psyche, she froths at the mouth to squeeze it all into the different worlds that seem to come to her at the most inopportune times.

With an imagination larger than the Alaskan wilds, and more gumption than common sense, Jennifer has been working on turning her writing into a career since 2003. Her first story, Tepith’s Quest, turned out so horrendous that it has been relegated to the abyss in hopes it never breeds. It served its unfortunate purpose, and in April of 2013 Race Against the Dark didn’t suck half as bad. After making many sacrifices to the writing gods in the form of hot chocolate and biscottis, she now considers it passable. We shall not speak of the first train wreck again. Move along.

When not creating worlds, people, or generally playing God, she plays MMORPG and single player video games, dabbles in website design, digital art, and watches obscene anime. She even sometimes deigns to talk to lesser mortals. However, she is shy, so if you see her, please bring cookies and chai latte, and only approach once your offerings have been devoured. More on this after your scheduled public service announcement.

Beware her wrath: Jennifer graduated near the top of her class as a surgical technologist, and her favorite pastime is finding new and heinous ways of torturing her characters. This may, or may not, intrude upon real life if you happen to spook her. Authors are dangerous breeds, and this one isn’t anywhere near sane. Her skittishness, though, may save you should you catch her unawares.

If you wish to take your life into your own hands by stalking her, Jennifer’s favorite haunt is Facebook where she posts most of her thoughts. But to interact, you can find her in her Dragonlings Facebook Group. Due in part to her insanity, and mostly because she has a mind with larger holes than a colander, she may forget about most other internet mediums for months at a time. Happy hunting.