Mage of Legend

The new M/M Duology Dragon Highlands is almost finished! Dragon Court comes in at over 95,000 words of fantasy romance goodness and will be here May 2017 on all retailers for only $2.99!

Ever noticed how I keep bringing characters from Race Against the Dark back as either main characters in the subsequent books, or at least bringing them to the fore again? Well, Velithor decided he wanted his own mini-series. He pairs with a new elf, Xastrian, a fussy Dragon King, to get out of some sticky situations (and get into some others that prove to be fun). This two-novel series remains part of the Kings of Kal’brath universe, but as it has gay main characters, I decided to publish it outside of the main series, which has het pairings. Let me know what you think!

The Dragon King Returns.
But his reign may be at an end.

Xastrian and Velithor return to the Dragon Highlands expecting a celebratory welcome. Instead, his assassin is still at large, and the court is in an uproar. Xastrian may lose his right to rule, if not his life.

A kingdom at war.

A long-exiled warrior race is invading through a rip in the veil between worlds, and the court lays the fault at Xastrian’s feet. Faced with this new threat, the court wants to see a new elf on the throne.

A reluctant new co-ruler.

Velithor has kept away from crowds all his life, but his love for Xastrian is stronger. But when his father-in-law raises him as the new Dragon King, serving beside Xastrian, it might be too much. Especially when an old enemy emerges, this time with Velithor in his sights.

Reading Order

  • Mage of Legend
  • Lurir: Going Home (Short Story)- Exclusively in the newsletter! Sign up today!
  • Dragon Court- COMING MAY 2017!

Dragon Highlands Book 1.
This side duology to the Kings of Kal’brath series is set in the same universe where Mother, the sentient planet, cradles the races of three parallel worlds: Adradis of the elves and other magical races where the continent of Kal’brath resides, Earth of the magicless humans, and Morka of the magic-negating bashkai. If you loved the Kal’brath books, this duology brings back Velithor for more fun, romance, and gripping adventure.

These light fantasy romps are sure to be favorites you will want to read again and again.

Please note that this is book contains an M/M (Gay) Fantasy Romance subplot.

Coming May 2017!

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