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Love some whimsical fantasy with your heart-stopping adventure and heart-warming romance? Jennifer Amriss delivers! The Kings of Kal’brath universe has everything, from hot elves to strange creatures and adventures around every corner. And if you’re a fan of Ka’lei already from reading Race Against the Dark (Free on all retailers), you’ll be glad to know she appears in almost every book! (She does appear in every book except Mage of Legend.)

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The main Kings of Kal’brath series features heterosexual pairings, starting with Ka’lei and Morough in Race Against the Dark!

These singles are tight with Race Against the Dark. Saving Sol’kyr, the novella, should be read after Race Against the Dark, while Tiny Gifts can be read either before or after, as it is a brief glimpse into Ka’lei’s life when she still thought she was human.

Dragon Highlands is Jennifer Amriss’ collaboration with herself! She also writes as Devon Vesper for M/M (Gay) Fantasy Romance, M/M Contemporary Romance, and M/M Paranormal Romance. Follow socially anxious hunter, Velithor, as he gets trapped in a dimensional prison and gets thrown into elven politics.